Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Support #1: Sketch Annotation

I can't believe that my first year as an Inclusion Facilitator is coming to an end! As a special end of the year treat, each day this week I will upload a different example of an individualized support (either a modification or accommodation) used in the inclusive classroom here at Jahn. We have 14 days left of students so that will be 14 new strategies. Let's do this!

Our first individualized support is SKETCH ANNOTATION. This can be used as an accommodation or a modification depending on how it's individualized.

This student has created sketches after each paragraph to show her understanding.
This is one of my all time favorite sketches. This article was about cannibalism in colonial times and the girl in the picture is munching on a bloody arm and thinking, "Oh yes!"
Sketch annotation is a great way to assess understanding. The student drew a woman smoking to explain the phrase, "Meat was smoked". This let me know there was some confusion and I knew that I needed to explain smoked meat.
This student first read each paragraph of the article on the iPad. Then, the student made a sketch on the actual paper copy.

Sketch annotation isn't the only way students can respond to text. Check out some of the examples above of students using writing to annotate. Below is a 30 second video I took of Emily and my seventh grade social studies class. There are many different examples of students responding to the text including sketch annotation, summarizing the text, annotating with text, taking Cornell notes, and making a dialectical journal.  

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