Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Support #6: Math Help Binders

The Math Help Binder was one of the first supports introduced to me by my mentor and colleague, Sheila Danaher over seven years ago. This is one of my favorite supports for the primary and intermediate grades. I'll share visual math supports for middle and high school aged students in the next two weeks.

The Math Help Binder is a binder (or a folder if you don't have extra binders lying around) that includes math vocabulary or concepts with accompanied examples and visuals. It is a great resource to use for students that struggle retaining new vocabulary or following individual steps in order to solve a multiple step problem.

At the primary and intermediate level, the teacher (and not the student) typically makes the sheets. I like to go onto pinterest and look up strong anchor charts that already exist on the given topic. I use these to make my own. I slip each page into a sheet protector when I add it to the binder so that it stays intact throughout the year.
Students can use their binders during classwork, homework, and (if it's included in the student's IEP) on assessments. 

In this picture, the students in Carrie and Janet's phenomenal fourth grade class have space to complete their work and use their Math Help Binder if they have one.

Math Help Binders can be used with anything! This student is using his Math Help Binder to complete a hands on activity.

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