Friday, June 5, 2015

Support #4: Portable Word Wall

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite low budget supports for the primary and intermediate classroom. The Portable Word Wall is a great resource to use with students that struggle with spelling and writing independently. It allows them to add the correct spelling of words they use regularly. What's better, it allows for more writing independence. Below are some examples of a portable word wall being used in Leslie and Mahli's third grade class.
Students get to practice using a support other than a teacher to locate and spell words correctly. It can be differentiated by need and interests. A student that likes writing about basketball can have that word included in their word wall while a student that isn't interested in sports wouldn't need to include that word. You can also use the word wall like a word bank. Feel free to have students include vocabulary words that they are learning in class or activities that they enjoy doing. This will come in handy during the brainstorming portion of the writing process.

The portable word wall is easy and cheap to make. Students can use it at their desk and keep it with their writing things.

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