Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Support #2: Individualized Entrance and Exit Tickets

Looking at my end of the year countdown, we only have 13 days left! Wowza! Enjoy support number two.

At Jahn, every teacher in middle school to have a routine that includes an independent Do Now and Exit Slip activity to start and end the day. Typically, this is presented on the white board or as a slide in a PowerPoint. The Do Now question is on the board (or the slide is up) as students enter the room.

The INDIVIDUALIZED ENTRANCE AND EXIT SLIPS give teachers time to individually assess students on a variety of things ranging from IEP goals to the class objective. Here are some examples of modified Do Now and Exit Slips that focus on students' individual needs, goals, and class objectives.

The two Do Now questions above were completed in the same class. The student in the first picture answered the Do Now question that was presented on the PowerPoint slide. The student in the second picture answered a question connected to an executive functioning/ independent functioning goal. The two Do Now questions are very different from one another.

The two Do Now/Exit Slip questions shown above are connected to the U.S. Constitution. The first sheet was created for a student whose objective was to learn the three branches and the job of each branch. The student in the second picture answered the Do Now question that was presented on the PowerPoint slide. She was focused on learning other sections of the Constitution (including the Preamble and Bill of Rights). The modified Do Now on top was given orally. Look below to see more polished, pre-typed versions of modified Do Now/Exit Slips sheets.

Here is an example one learning specialist, Joanna Cohen made in order for students to self assess in science class.

Above and below are a few examples of pre-typed math questions based on IEP goals. Students would work on Monday-Thursday with Ms. Cohen and would be expected to complete Friday's on their own. This was an easy way for the learning specialist to incorporate a variety of goals within the co-taught class.

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