Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Support #7: Alternative Seating

We're onto support number 7 which means we are halfway through my support a day! There are only SEVEN days left of students and then it's summer time (after a respectable number of teacher institute and professional development days, of course). I'm feeling antsy. The students are squirrely. Let's focus on a support that's perfect for times like this. Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, I give you alternative seating!

Can you spot the purple cushion? What I love about Leslie and Mahli's classroom is that they are so comfortable with alternative seating that the third grader's focus is not on the fidget or cushion but on the book they are reading.
You can incorporate sensory movement with alternative seating. One idea is to have a student carry the yoga ball up the stairs to their classroom. It can be an enjoyable way to get some heavy lifting in and bring up a student's favorite seat. Also, check out that blue cup at the corner of the middle  desk. It was filled with real money! During the beginning of class warm up/ Do Now activity, the student would raise their hand and pay the teacher for their seat (the price would change every day). I'm a big fan of finding sneaky ways to incorporate individual supports and goals into the classroom. Check out my post on creating individualized entrance and exit slips for more information on this topic. 

Check out the student reading while sitting on his blue cushion!
My cat is into alternative seating (or alternative sleeping, as it were), too!

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