Monday, June 8, 2015

Support #5: Modified Rubrics

Happy Monday! Here in the Chicago Public Schools, we have ten days left with students. That means ten more supports that can be used in the inclusive classroom. Let's kick it!

A great way to grade modified projects, presentations, essays, or any multiple step activity is to use a rubric. I am a big fan of the modified rubric. You are able to incorporate IEP goals (including Independent Functioning goals) into the classroom lesson and unit plans.

The picture on the left is an unmodified rubric provided for a seventh grade essay. The one on the right is modified and incorporates modifications and goals that are in the student's IEP.
I set up modified rubrics so that a 70% corresponds with the IEP goal or the student's individual unit objectives. If a student meets expectations, they will earn a C. Students that go above and beyond the expectation can earn a B or an A. Students who do not meet the expectations can earn a D or F.

Here is an example of a student's modified rubric based on their response to a chapter of The Westing Game.
This is an example of a graphic organizer and rubric rolled into one!

After I've created a rubric, I print out a bunch of copies. This allows me to use the same rubric multiple times throughout a quarter, semester, or school year.

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