Friday, June 19, 2015

Support #10: Using ShowMe App to Present

This support comes from Lindsay Whited, an amazing learning specialist and co-teacher in fifth grade. She uses the iPad and technology every day in inventive ways. This is just one example.

In Lindsay and Fotine's amazing fifth grade classroom, students were asked  to summarize in writing a chapter from the book they were reading. They were also asked to create visuals and symbols representing the important events of the chapter. Lindsay used one of my favorite free apps called ShowMe. The student used the app and the reading strategies he had been taught in class to orally tell and visually depict his summary. He was then able to show his mega cool ShowMe vid to his classmates. CHECK IT OUT!!!

I have also used ShowMe whole class. Each student created their own ShowMe and we were able to share them full class. I can't say enough about this app.
Here's a student creating a ShowMe video based on the text she is reading.

Here is one ShowMe video being presented to the entire class!

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