Saturday, June 18, 2016

Unique Week at Jahn: Year Two

Unique Week is five full days of celebrating every student in our school's community. Students, teachers, and families take time to discuss what makes us one of a kind! Ultimately, this brings us closer together! This year's Unique Week was even bigger, better, and smoother run than last year thanks to our committee that included a primary (Ivette), intermediate (Mahli), and middle school (Jenn) teacher.  If you want to check out what Unique Week looked like last year, click here and also click here!


Having a committee was incredible. The three teachers really ran the week and all of the major decisions and suggestions were from them. I just took (some of) the pictures. They did ALL of the heavy lifting and I couldn't have been happier or prouder!

Monday: We started Unique Week off with a book with a message connecting to celebrating uniqueness.

Primary teachers did a read aloud of David McKee's Elmer.

Intermediate students read Wendy Ewald's gorgeous book of photography and poetry called The Best Part of Me.

The middle schoolers read an excerpt from Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl

After the read aloud, each grade came up with their own definition of what UNIQUE means. Here are a few of my favorite anchor charts on the subject:
I like how this chart is differentiated. Some kindergarteners wrote a sentence that explained what it meant to be unique while others wrote one word or drew a picture. 


Tuesday and Wednesday: The committee wanted to place more of a focus on art integration this year and it turned out so well. Check out the amazing crafts, writing, and poetry that came from our students!

Thursday Morning: The committee suggested that we have parents help put up the bulletin boards and it was the best decision ever. I liked this because 1) I didn't have to put up the boards- HORRAY! and 2) This provided an opportunity for our community members to help promote Unique Week and support our classrooms. They did such an amazing job!


The finished bulletin boards:

Friday:  We had an amazing parent (he just happens to be a professional photographer- lucky us!) take an aerial picture from the third floor window. The Student Council Urban Initiatives wrote UNIQUE on the blacktop in chalk and helped the younger students find the right spot to stand.


Here are some great links if you want to start your own Unique Week: