Thursday, July 14, 2016

Inclusive Videos, Articles, and Posts I'm Into Right Now

Let's do a top 5.

5. The Inclusive Class- 12 Resources that Teachers Need to Know About for the Inclusive Classroom
The Kurth book is on my Amazon wish list and I want to read it SOOO badly!

4. Accommodations and Modifications: A How-To Q&A with Nicole Eredics of the Inclusive Class
Here's one more from Nicole. Her examples around modifications are the best I've seen online! She has a book coming out soon and boy do I want it!

3. Shelley Moore tweets at @tweetsomemoore and every single thing she writes, links to, or creates is thoughtful and focused on inclusive practices. She just published a book. Books for days, people!

2. The Least Dangerous Assumption by Cheryl Jorgensen
This article isn't new (it was written in 2005) but it's new to me! Best quote: "If a student does not do well, the quality of education should be questioned before the student's ability to learn."

1. "Lift Off" Donovan Livingston's spoken-verse commencement speech.