Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Parallel Teaching in Second Grade

Yesterday, I saw a nice use of parallel instruction in Ms. L and Ms. K's co-taught second grade math class. They chose to use the parallel teaching model because they were introducing the metric system and had two meter sticks. Sometimes in teaching, decisions can be made for simple and practical reasons. Two meter sticks. Two teachers. Parallel instruction. Boom, let's go!

Below you can see Ms. L's group on the front rug and Ms. K's at the side rug.  


Ms. L used visual supports in her group. Check out the white board.  

Ms. K's style was more kinesthetic. She asked students to stand up based on what their measurement estimation was. For example, "Stand if you estimated that the rug is 2 meters long." "Okay, sit down. Now stand if you estimated that the rug is 3 meters long.

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