Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guided Reading Stations are Great for Multi-Teacher Classrooms!

Yesterday was great because...
1) It was pajama day!
2) I was able to take pictures of the amazing kindergarten and first grade teams using station teaching to instruct all students during reading time.

Many co-teachers will tell you that having other adults in the room can be wonderful but it also can be tricky. How do you utilize every general education teacher, learning specialist, paraprofessional, speech therapist, social worker, and occupational therapist that comes in to provide supports? 

Here are some great examples from our kindergarten and first grade teams. Some professionals are working in small groups, some are working individually with students, some are teaching and some are managing more independent centers. Whatever the focus, it's clear that every adult in both of these classrooms has a role, knows their role, and is able to support students in meaningful ways.  

Take a look at how each professional is working with a group of students in a different area of the room.
Check out this class of 30+ first graders! Some groups are working with teachers and others are working on an independent activity.
In both K and first, teachers are using small groups of varying sizes to teach specific reading skills.

Below are some pictures from our kindergarteners and first graders working independently. When I took these pictures, I noticed that every single student was focused on their work and knew exactly what needed to get done. 

Here is an example of students working on two different activities at the same table.
The first grade class uses the Time Timer as a reminder to switch to their next station after 20 minutes.

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  1. Julia Snider, I think you ROCK. You are so supportive and positive. Thank you for all that you do.
    Janet Walsh