Friday, November 20, 2015

Modification Highlight: Middle School Math

I am geeking out about these phenomenal modified tests created by our middle school math learning specialist, Carrie. Below I have snapshots from a non-modified and modified tests in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Let's dig into why they're so great, eh?

               6th - Not Modified                  6th - Slightly Modified             6th - More Significant Mods

Why I'm Geeking:
  • The right hand test has application based problems (i.e. word problems) that are done in picture form. What a great way to use visuals to support higher level thinking!
  • The table in the middle assessment is a great support for students that struggle with the organization of drawing a tape diagram but can fill one out when it's presented to them.

7th - Not Modified                               7th - Modified

Why I'm Geeking:
  • Great focus on partially written definitions and vocabulary in order to define a word
  • There's specific space on the modified test to show math work/thinking
  • Key words are highlighted which shows a focus on math vocabulary
  • Both tests use the same vocabulary which indicates that although the work and expectations might look different, the overall objectives are the same. This gives us an indication that all students were fully included and engaged in the unit.
8th - Not Modified                  8th - Slightly Modified           8th - More Significant Mods

Why I'm Geeking:
  • The supports on the middle test are very subtle but show thoughtful consideration to the student's individual needs. Specifically of note...
    • There are the same types of problems but the middle test uses more manageable numbers
    •  Problem #3 has equal signs and two lines. This prompts the student that they need to answer the problem in two steps.
  • The test on the right has the same vocabulary words as the others but focuses on one or two concepts within the bigger topic of exponents, expanded form, and solving problems

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