Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Incorporating Supports Within the Classroom

The Jahn kindergarten team is just amazing and I want to brag about them a little! They do so many things so well. Today I wanted to focus on one of the most subtle of these. Ms. B, Ms. C, and Ms. R have seamlessly incorporated individual visual supports within the classroom. These supports are geared towards individual students and the class as a whole. Check it out!

Over here by the library, the teachers put up the classroom rules and visuals for ALL to refer to. 

Two great reminders that we must stop and ask for a break before leaving the room.

This one is a bit tricky to see but it's a diagram of how a minion sits on the rug during whole class instruction. This visual is on the board right next to one minion loving student's spot on the rug. What a great way to incorporate student interest and have it big and clear enough for any student to refer to! 

Here is the desk of a student that really likes minions. You can see that the visual supports (the K team has had great success with Power Cards this year) are on the student's desk ready to go. To the right is the Power Card in use. Oh hey, Ms. C!

This student loves Jimmy Fallon (and I mean... who doesn't?). Jimmy Fallon sitting up straight and calm is taped to his materials bin. He has a visual example of his talk show hero calmly ready to listen to directions any time he goes to his seat.

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