Thursday, August 6, 2015

The 6 Best Inclusive Things at the Moment

Best Blog: Brenda's inclusion blog (entitled In-kloo-zhuhn) is my best find of the summer. I like it because she uses research to back up every claim and idea. Her blog post on how to provide access for all students is beyond fantastic.  She explains both why all students should be included in instruction and how. I didn't know there were other Inclusion Facilitators out there blogging and to make things even more fantastic, Brenda's from Canada which is where I'm originally from. The coolest!

Best Video: This cute, animated video about inclusion makes the giant, neon wheels inside my head spin around. It could be used with both educators and students. I could incorporate this into this year's Unique Week!

Runner-Up Best Video: This video shows actual footage on how to support all students in a fully inclusive pre-school classroom.

Best Blog for Coaches: Ms. Houser is an instructional coach and provides heaps of tools and advice for her fellow coaches. This blog isn't focused on inclusion or disability advocacy, but it's perfect for coaches that are interested in finding ideas and strategies on how to support teachers.

Best Graphic Organizer: Because Paula Kluth is fantastic and so is this graphic organizer. 'Nough said.

Best Surprise: You guys!!! Brookes Publishing has a blog filled with incredible ideas and infographics that will be printed out and posted all over my office. Get ready for it!

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