Thursday, March 26, 2015


Implementing behavior plans and behavior interventions can feel like the most overwhelming process in the world. Not only do you have to deal with all of the behavior related jargon and acronyms, but you need to be fully versed in communicating the plan in an easy, user friendly way to all of the other professionals that are required to implement said plan. It's tough! After realizing how unfriendly the BIP can be for professionals, I compiled a list of resources to help with the process.

Here are some supports you can use once you already have a behavior intervention plan in place. 

The BIP: I found THIS post on creating a color coded flow chart and I immediately made my own. Go HERE to get a blank, editable version to plug in your own behavior plan.

The data: My grad school professor once told me that the goal of a behavior plan and data sheets are that they are used easily and consistently. You can make the most perfect, brilliant behavior plan but if other staff members don't understand it or it's too complicated... it won't be used. Here are a variety of links to data sheets that are easy to use.
  • THIS school website has ready to print Check In/ Check Out data sheets.
  • The Autism Helper has ANOTHER GREAT BLOG POST on strong ABC charts.  
  • HER VIDEO on how to use her data sheet packet is a great review on different types of data tracking options. 
  • Progress monitoring tools are right HERE.

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