Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fidgets: A Love Story

One of the first things we hear and talk about in the inclusive classroom is supporting students by using fidgets. Fidgets are those items that allow restless (fidgety??) students to move and get their sensory needs met without distracting their peers or becoming completely distracted themselves by needing to move.

To get more information about figets:
In middle school and the upper grades, I am all about introducing the fidget individually, slowly, and academically.

1. First, broach the subject of fidgets individually. I had one student in mind who mentioned that she felt the most calm when she was able to squeeze and run her fingers through something. We went online and she choose this one.
2. When it arrived, I showed her one on one how to use the fidget.

3. I gave her 30 minutes to practice during her class of the day.

4. The next day, I had her put the fidget in her pencil pouch so that she can take complete ownership of the fidget. It is hers to use throughout the day.

5. Moving forward, I plan on introducing the fidgets to anyone that's interested.  

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